Aug 13

Who Would Paint a Space Needle Orange?

When Seattle’s Space Needle opened in 1962 it was the tallest structure west of the Mississippi, and it featured a color scheme that the builders described as “Galaxy Gold.” However, most visitors saw the color as being closer to burnt orange. Prince Charles is a renowned critic of modern architecture and is often quoted as saying that the color made a beautiful building look like a municipal bridge. However, the disparaging comment was most likely made by Prince Phillip, (more…)

Jun 29

Say Hello to the Wild Pigs at Woodland Park Zoo

Your kids are sure to love viewing the wild pigs at Woodland Park Zoo. An exciting day spent at this delightful Seattle zoo will encourage your entire family to take more day trips together on a regular basis. Wild pigs, also known as warty pigs or warthogs, are relatively new tenants at the zoo, and your children are sure to enjoy looking at these unusual animals that sport unique looking hairstyles. Your family will enjoy observing comical Visayan warty pigs that have uncannily human eyes which appear to display heartfelt emotions.

While you (more…)

May 13

The Beauty of Glass On Display at Chihuly’s Museum

Chihuly Garden and Glass is quickly becoming one of the most highly-rated attractions in the Seattle area. This newer art gallery is devoted to the art of Dale Chihuly who is recognized around the world for his stunning art glass creations.

Chihuly Garden and Glass is divided into several areas each featuring a different aspect of Chihuly’s work. The Exhibition Hall is divided into eight separate galleries. The Sealife Room is one of the most impressive galleries in (more…)

Mar 26

Toss Fish With the Merchants of Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is just one of the many gems that downtown Seattle has to offer. Known for its sprawling farmers market and world-famous fish-tossing merchants, shopping in Pike Place Market is an incredible experience that should be on everyone’s list.

With new produce brought in each morning from local farmers, shopping through the fragrant stalls of fresh fruits and vegetables is a visual treat. Many farmers even hand out samples of their freshest, juiciest fruit to visitors. A crowd always forms (more…)

Jul 05

Shop at the Nordstrom Flagship Store

Seattle offers a fabulous shopping experience at the first Nordstrom store ever made. Nordstrom, now a leader in fashion specialty retailers, was started by Carl Wallin and John Nordstrom in 1901 as a shoe store in downtown Seattle. For twenty years, the 500 Pine Street store was the sole location, establishing a name for quality goods. Half a century later, Nordstrom’s inventory was extended to clothing. Today, Nordstrom is a national chain of high-quality designer fashion.

The spacious Nordstrom Downtown Seattle frequently hosts special events. Every July, the Anniversary Sale opens early and closes late for the fashionistas seeking next (more…)

Jul 04

Meet Sekiu, the Seattle Aquarium’s New Otter Pup

Seattle Aquarium is delighted to announce the arrival of its new sea otter pup, Sekiu. Born on January 17th to mother Aniak, Sekiu is in good health and is now a member of the sea otter exhibit at the aquarium. Sekiu’s name was picked by internet voters in February from a selection of five choices, with “Sekiu” winning by a landslide 14,000 votes.

Sea otters, like other mammals, give birth to live young which they nurse for several months — up (more…)

Jul 03

Cactuses in Seattle? Find Them at Volunteer Park

There are many fun things to do while visiting Seattle. Some of the things that you will want to make sure that are on your list of things to do are: The Seattle Center is a fun place for the entire family to visit during the summer time. The kids can run through the fountain if they brought a swimsuit, or if it is warm enough that they don’t mind drip drying throughout the rest of their day there they can go in their clothes.

The Space Needle is a lot of (more…)

Jul 02

Spend a Summer Day Relaxing at Alki Beach

Alki Beach is one of Seattle’s most popular beaches. In the winter, only the hardiest locals venture along this sandy beach. In the summer, however, the beach comes to life with nightly parties, volleyball games, summer concerts and much more. It’s a great place to bring a family for a picnic or take a romantic stroll with a special someone. The beach is also a launching point for boat activities and scuba diving. Visitors will find plenty of nearby amenities, including trendy restaurants and coffee shops. Alki Beach is easy to reach from Seattle’s downtown via a quick (more…)

Jun 29

View King Tut’s Artifacts at the Pacific Science Center

For a limited time visitors can view artifacts of King Tut at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle. The exhibit includes over 100 items that were unearthed in King Tut’s tomb and other Egyptian burial sites, Satellite Internet Plans, including the golden sandals that the boy king was wearing when he was first unwrapped.

To improve the experience for everyone and avoid overcrowding, timed tickets are being sold to the event. The tickets also cover general admission to the other displays in the Pacific Science Center.

An audio guide, which is narrated by Harrison Ford, is available for purchase inside the museum.I found some more information here. Two IMAX movies centered around the history of Egypt and the Pharaohs are also playing at the museum.

The King Tut exhibit will be on display from May 24, 2012 through January 6, 2013. Many area hotels are selling special VIP packages that enable the guest to visit the display with undated and untimed tickets. These tickets enable guests to enter the display at the front of the line.

Other exhibits at the Pacific Science Center include: dinosaurs, a butterfly house, a health-related research studio, a giant robotic insect village, animal exhibits, technology exhibits and much more. The Pacific Science Center also features several traveling, limited-time exhibits.